Obtaining Myth II Soulblighter (for Mac OS X)

The Tain seems to be down, so returning to the game I played for 10 years, 10 years ago was a bit difficult.

I first grabbed the demo from the Wayback Machine archive of The Tain. After enjoying that, I was lucky to find a few links to download and install the full working version.

First grab Myth II.zip from the dropbox link here:

Then get the patch to upgrade to 1.8.0 here:

The key is that the .zip file contains a working Tags folder as explained here which is why you can then run the updater which writes over everything.

And if you’re wondering what the unit value of a Trow is, it’s 24!




So how are you doing?

– financially – My income is $5000/mo from my job and my spending is $7500/mo… miraculously, I am not overdrawn and in fact have 4K in the bank.

– spiritually: doing some Izunome but primarily focused on the integration of diet with spiritual clearing as discussed in Klaus Wolfram: “Fruits: Best of All Foods”

– personally: very lonely here in Florida. Ready to go home to my parents. havent seen them in 2-3 years.

– professionally: working as computer programmer remotely. Get to set my own hours and work on my home businesses

– emotionally: I wake up feeling way more limited in my havingness and my sense of beingness is very underachieved. But the first step to improving is to see where you are and decide where to go next. I have never been persistent in my goal to build my home business. I just played around with it, talked to a few friends but was never organized and professional. Now is the time to work it seriously for my benefit and the benefit of the company growth.

– mentally: the proper diet is making it possible to be aware of my dream patterns

– diet: following what Klaus Wolfram wrote in “Fruit: Best of All Foods”. fooled around with other raw diets. Saw that I was trying to satisfy myself with things I could not naturally obtain and so of course my body was sub-optimal as was my mind and emotions. The belly is the bridge or block between the lower and higher. And mine is blocked up, backed up, constipated and basically what most Americans think is OK and average and standard. Permanent Cosmic Orgasm can be had with the clearing of this area. But receiving Johrei from the Izunome Association also opens me up to Cosmic Orgasm (as Joshua Rainbow spoke about in Biotrophic Protocol) – it has been fun to feel trapped in a clay body with limits and needs but it is driving me to the brink of frustration. I want to be FOREVER HIGH and have to put in the time to make the belly a permanent bridge between lower and higher.

– sexuality: non-existent. There is a girl that I have a strong resonance with. Her name is Tiffany Davis. Thing is, she smokes cigarettes and is a Christian. And she eats meat. So I think we wont’ be able to support each other in our life paths. So I need to curtail my urge to be intimate with her. And help her out in other ways. This is going to be hard, especially since she is black and I have not had a black woman in a long time…

– big questions: will my computer company employ me next quarter starting in January?

– big concerns: will my company make me a permanent employee so that I have piece of mind about primary income while I form my secondary income through Lyoness?

– where do you see yourself in the next week: that kind of depends. I could be here in Florida or in Georgia with my parents.

– where do you see yourself in the next month: hopefully Dr. Stubbs will have registered her restaurant with our home business by then and we will be rolling on building the business.

– where do you see yourself in the next year: have talked to at least 2 merchants per month about the beauty power and elegance of my home business

– where do you see yourself in the next 5 years: 2 local businesses will be registered in my home business  thanks to me and I should have about 2000 to 5000 customers shopping for me every month!

– where do you see yourself in the next 10 years: returned to my true love, the floatation tank

– where do you see yourself in the next 20 years: finished the religious documents on my floatation tank RELIGION- yes RELIGION – not spiritual system. Tired of people who act like one is better than the other!!!

– where do you see yourself in the next 50 years: hopefully still rather mobile due to no longer trying to entertain myself with spurts of joy from eating the wrong foods. How sex will figure into my life is to be seen – I have felt Cosmic Orgasm simply from sitting still and receiving Johrei. So it is definitely possible to do it without diet. But I am certain once my channels clear up, it will be a constant state.


– financially – amazingly I am doing well. I have a work from home computer job which allows me plenty of time to focus on my home business. It pays less than an office job, but I have to find a true 2nd source of income with real retirement potential

– spiritually – getting serious about Buddhism. Tired of leaning on other people and technologies. Theravada buddhism is simple affordable and a good challenge!

– personally – here alone in Orlando, FL. Just drove across country from California… and right through Waller County, TX. Boy was I afraid of going through Mississippi and Alabama, but no real problems.

– professionally – i work as a computer programmer. But my home businesses are starting to gain ground. I think the main thing is focus. I am listening to subliminal programming tapes to increase my BEINGness and I am reading “Science of Getting Rich” which is an amazing book.

– emotionally – I got my ass burned by Marilyn at Lafayette Morehouse. She was very insulting ot me. Now, the real question is: why am I still crying over it 2 weeks later?? I thought you controlled your thoughts?!

– mentally – hard to say

– diet – I’ve watched plenty of animal slaughter videos and really dont need to be involved in that whole rigamarole. Thank you, but I’ll pass. I want to thank jenny dawn pulford of south africa/australia for bringing animal cruelty to my awareness. Paradoxically, she actually still consumes animals herself. But that’s all you get when you start thinking is paradox. As Robert Adams said: the purpose of the mind is to confuse things.

– sexuality – hmm, what sexuality. Having experienced Lafayette Morehouse and OneTaste, I think I prefer OneTaste. About Orgasmic Meditation coming from Lafayette, well time is not linear and Lafayette has a much older crowd. I think Nicole did a good job of creating “morehouse 2.0”

– big questions – will the top MLM recruiter I have joined forces with here in Florida go to the top of Lyoness like she did in LegalShield?

– big concerns – will I be able to last here financially for 3 months to get my home business established and flourishing?

– where do you see yourself in the next week – at a BNI meeting

– where do you see yourself in the next month – having talked to 2 or 3 SMEs about joining as a group of 5 so we can get a discount on registering in Lyoness.

– where do you see yourself in the next year – doing very well with Kangen Water and Lyoness!!!

– where do you see yourself in the next 5 years – a monk maybe , a celibate monk offering isoaltion tank services or buddhist services

– where do you see yourself in the next 10 years – perfectly happy with no need for a woman (and certainly not a man!). you know, a celibate yogi type. hmm, then again, maybe I will deepen my Orgasmic meditation practice… hmmm… hmmm.

– where do you see yourself in the next 20 years

– where do you see yourself in the next 50 years – dead!


Two levels of awareness on animal slaughter

Now, thanks to Lafayette Morehouse, I am finally unravelling the concept of “Two Levels of Awareness” – on one level, yes I am everything and I am the Creator of all that I experience due to my causative thinking. But on another level, I need to quit acting like certain things are not happening and face up to the nastiness and cruelty of animal slaughter.

It seems like I go in a cycle of avoiding animals, indulging. I just came from Publix. I planned to just get a veggie sub. But my eyes landed on the catfish, then I saw the chicken tenders, and then the beef roast. I got them all. But I also went home and watched animal slaughter videos. I retched on the chicken tenders as I saw how chickens are treated. I put the beef roast and fish in my refrigerator. I simply could not eat the tenders. I threw them out.

So yes, on 1 level this is a big game that I created for my fun and the slaughter is not real and my body is not real. But guess what? I have not purified my mind and I would suffer greatly. And animal slaughter is a violation of the Golden Rule. Although in some sense animals are just robots that react. They dont suffer. But I could keep making excuses forever…

Extended Stay Orlando: A Saga of 3 Hotels

I arrived into Orlando, FL a few days ago. I drove from California to Florida and made it in 2.5 days! Cool, then I began to look for a place to stay, preferably just one place to stay for the next 3 months.

The first place I went to was the Extended Stay America in Northern Orlando at Equity Row. I will never stay there again. I stayed one night. The refrigerator had dents in it. The elevator had trash on the floor. And then there was a false alarm at night. No problem there. But the problem was the exit signs for vacating by stairs pointed the wrong way. And this was not due to resident tampering – they simply pointed the wrong way. Like a confused herd of cattle, we all went storming the wrong way, only to have an attendant send us a different way.

So I packed up my belongings and tried to juggle working during the day and trying to find a place to stay. I looked at a number of places. A whole lot. I ended up at Knights Inn Maingate. It had a homey feel to it. Boy, was I a sucker. The rooms had the AC blasting in them for a reason – to cover up the musty funk coming from the carpet or rotting wood. And pointing the air conditioner right at the bed? A true work of brilliance. And why didnt they have the person in the room next to me remove his shirts from the vents outside the room? Dont they know that looks ghetto? And why was the guy in the room next to me thrashing all over the room like he was doing crossfit training or something, occasionally slamming into the wall? I requested a move around 2 in the morning and the dude said: “I’m sorry the computer is closing out for the night and I cant do that.” So I glared around and paced a bit, you know, the “I’m going to cancel this and get a refund if you dont get your ass in gear” look. And what do you know, he managed to get me another room in 5 minutes!

But anyway, I have now landed safe and sound at InTown Suites Orlando, FL – these are very nice units with a reasonable price and everything you could ask for – 42 inch TV with about 50 channels, 2-burner stove, fridge, large walk-in shower. A bit of stupidity with pointing the AC right at the bed, but nothing my guitar and a bag and a t-shirt couldnt handle.


A Turning Point in My Spiritual Career

So this weekend, I went to Lafayette Morehouse on my continual amble through the landscape of sacred sexuality. May 10, 2014 (about 1.5 years ago) I was financially free and I had a choice to make. I was ready to go to a Buddhist retreat center in West Virginia, but then a message came through from a teacher of HAI (a sacred sexuality group) regarding Orgasmic Meditation.

So, having done some HAI, I resolved to investigate Orgasmic Meditation. I spent 1 year doing OM, in Boston, New York and Northern California. I observed the people, took some coaching, etc. Eventually, I got wind of the fact that Nicole Daedone (founder of Orgasmic Meditation and ONeTaste) had studied at a place called Lafayette Morehouse. So I went there as well. I took a few courses.

Everywhere I went, I could only think about Buddhism. I could only ask question after question about craving and aversion. I would listen to people talk about being in love and wonder how it differed from loving-kindness. I saw childish behavior. I saw powerful people out of control. But above and beyond all this about others, I saw a ME who needed others to be happy. I really thought that i could chase women, etc and give myself happiness. And in fact, many people are happy there, but many are still slaves to their environment and running around chasing desire and trying to overlook some very basic facts about life on earth:

  1. Life on Earth is fundamentally based on manipulating others against their will – just look at diet.

But anyway, all I can say is a regular practice of OM led to a me who really was no happier – I was still full of all sorts of mental impurities.

I really cant remain enamoured of Buddhist philosophy anymore. I cant keep chasing groups with ill-defined terminology. I cant keep hoping others will do this and that so that I can be happy and even if I did, my happiness could change any moment based on their actions.

And diet – why do I burden my body with un-natural foods? I will tell you why. Because I substitute food for being a sexually deprived being. I need that rush of sensation. And then I pay with a body spending hours trying to digest the cooked solids. Now, at the highest level, it really doesn’t matter what you eat AND i am not trying to eat my way to God, even though I am heavily convinced by the books Biotrophic Protocol and Fruits: Best of All Foods. But I need my alertness and cooked unchewed food in a body lacking regular exercise just bloats me. I have it down to fruit juice and nuts and I dont have any nutritional reason to eat anything else.

So given my love for the structure and clarity of Theravada Buddhism coupled with the simplicity of the practice and the humor of Ajahn Brahm, I can no longer continue to go to these various Sacred Sexuality things and keep comparing them to Buddhism and keep criticizing them for chasing their cravings.


At least until I get a tank and can be by myself. I distrust all churches and groups. But perhaps I can trust a 2500 year old path mainly based on my personal practice.


– financially

I just starting using an online budget program. My income from
computer programming $4500 but my spending each month is $2000 to
$6000 more than that.

Screenshot – https://www.evernote.com/l/ATU-Lg5vdMtAeasX1diDcpk9X9goe2rM-IoB/image.png

It’s sobering when you actually see the numbers right in front of your

My mom wants me to work on improving the budget, but there really is
no hope. I need more income and I actually need exponentially growing
income because some of the compound interest from credit cards keeps

– spiritually

Hmm, I’m enjoying my studies with Lafayette Morehouse, the people who
gave Nicole Daedone the ideas for OneTaste and Orgasmic Meditation. I
became interested in doing TR-0 and reconnected with Harold Ruder to
see about doing that.

My main thing is floatation tanks because you can do it all by

I got banned from the Palo Alto Orgasmic Meditation community. They
kicked me out without really explaining why.

– personally

I’m very lonely in California. I’m all by myself out here. I’m glad to
be leaving on Sept 1 or earlier.

– professionally

Lyoness has been around all this time, but I never had the training on
how to properly present it. It really is time to create additional
income streams beyond programming. At the same time, I need a
programming job that pays $70 to 90 per hour instead of the $45 per
hour I’m getting now. The advantage of the current job is that I get
to work remotely, which gives me time to pour into networking with my
home business.

– emotionally

I live with other 5 people. I’m paying $1300 for 1 bedroom in a
5-bedroom house. That’s a lot of money. But I think I am just frozen
over emotionally because I dont want to get too self-interested in
this group situation.

– mentally

Theoretically, I’m about to blow the lid off of Lyoness because I have
some strong networkers added to my team. But it’s wise not to count
chickens before they hatch.

– diet

I saw an animal slaughter video. Man, oh man. Should I ever eat meat

– sexuality

Um, what sexuality? I personally choose not to pursue any homosexual
activity. It’s easy to get and women are hard to get, but I dont want
to be involved in homosexual activity.

– big questions

None. I realize that I am involved in deficit spending, but I also see
no solution in a single steady paycheck. The key is exponential growth
through an ever-expanding network of people or through compounded
returns from investments. I am pursuing all of them aggressively. I am
pouring every dime into gaining wealth and not saving or budgeting to
simply pay bills for the next 20-40 years.

I dont want to be a part of the 40-40-40 plan: work for 40 hours per
day for 40 years, and then retire on 40% of what you used to make when
you could barely live on 100% of it!

– big concerns

I’m afraid of driving back across the country from California to South
Carolina because of the police brutality I have witnessed. I do
believe that I create my reality, but at the same-time I am afraid of
being harrassed by the cops.

– where do you see yourself in the next week

working on my Lyoness materials. Taking the “Man/woman” course at
lafayette morehouse. I think this course is going to blow my mind. It
will really tell me how women think and what they really want and how
they want it. I’ve lived 45+ years and still dont know how to relate
to a woman. I also dont know if I have enough time to change my
thought patterns for that. I might have deeper things to take care of.

– where do you see yourself in the next month

I should be in Texas by Sept 2 to shake the hands of some major
contacts in network marketing who will build my Lyoness business.

– where do you see yourself in the next year

I should have a healthy income from Lyoness by then.

– where do you see yourself in the next 5 years

My focus will be on my Isolation Tank religion by then.

– where do you see yourself in the next 10 years

Hopefully with very little need for food or sex – I think I will be
constantly orgasmic at all times.

– where do you see yourself in the next 20 years

More isolation tank fun. Maybe 5 wives, one of each race.

– where do you see yourself in the next 50 years

Dead as a doornail 😉

I think a good question for this update is: what do you see as your
major personality defect? For me, my personality defect is that I do
my best to be misunderstood and to have something that is valuable
that others cannot understand. This leads to frustration and lack of
success because they cannot see the brilliance.