Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right


Hey, I wanted to bring you up to date on a number of things.

Rewinding way back to April of last year, I was in New York at the Brooklyn OM house. I got employed around June at Bank of America and took out a 1-year apartment lease in Staten Island.

Anyway, 6 months into the lease I was terminated without notice from my job for budget reasons. Luckily, I had been saving in Bitcoin on a regular basis. And Bitcoin only cost $300 at the time, but cost $1,200 when I was terminated.

Also, I had taken out a huge loan because I was going to buy an income-producing property. But when I lost my job, I could no longer qualify to buy and needed to live off that money as well.

I decided that I needed to be able to generate income without being tied to a particular location or a particular employer, especially given that being terminated at Christmas was a pattern that had repeated itself for the 3 past years without fail: 6 months of contract computer programming followed by a budget cut and a termination.

So I was looking through the classifieds and saw a life insurance ad for working from remote. It sounded OK. My mom was skeptical and there were some negative comments about them, but I decided to ignore that.

I earned my insurance license after 3 months of regular study. But then for some reason, I could not bring myself to sell insurance.

So, when my lease ended I left New York for Georgia. I immediately reconnected with you. But for awhile you were out of commission because of the auto accident. I ran across a girl on OKCupid with a strong interest in OM. She lives in Roswell, but we have not met yet. She divorced for reasons of wanting to pursue a polyamorous lifestyle. Based on my studies with JJ Roberts “Sex 3.0” and “The Book of the Mother” by Shiva Lila I have similar leanings. The big question with something like that is: is it based in carnal greed or heavenly connection. As a person, I see both sides in myself. Early OneTaste celebrated the shadow side of a person. But now they have removed all that from their teachings. I can count at least one other time they had certain teachings and then dropped them.

So the thing for me was, I didnt want to start OM unless I was certain I was going to be able to do it regularly for a long time. When I first got here, I had 2 jobs offered to me but I turned them down because I decided that it was urgent to purify and strengthen my body via Hot Yoga. And I figured that the cleaner I was spiritually, the better off I would be materially. So I started doing hot yoga every other day and didn’t really do much searching for a job.

All the while my Bitcoin and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, but there are many others) holdings kept growing and growing and growing. By chance, a lot of my holdings were in proof-of-stake coins (PoS). A PoS coin gives you more free coin simply for holding your wallet open. That is known as “minting”. This is in contrast to Bitcoin which is a Proof of Work coin – where you must do a certain type of work to earn free coins. That work is known as “mining”.

So anyway, I moved all of my coins to a remote Windows machine with very little security. This was a big mistake and led to me being hacked for more than $30,000… I go over the details of the hack here:

Once I was hacked, I panicked and began desperately searching for computer programming work anywhere to cover my bills. Really, I have enough savings for 3 more months of living. But I did not want to drain that savings and come to the end of 3 months still with no job. So I interviewed and was accepted for a position in Jersey City, NJ. There was nothing being offered from Florida through North Carolina that I matched with. I had 7 days to decide on the offer.

I really didnt want to move (even though the heat was being put on me by my Mom to go: “I dont think a 48 year-old should be living with their parents.”) and scoured Craiglist for jobs as well as emailed a few people to see about generating income.

I had a lot of confusion about a lot of things, so I decided to look up an alternative therapist that I knew in Columbus Ohio ( ) … she does these body readings where she tells you what your body is feeling. To go to a therapist is an odd thing: other people can see things about you that you don’t see, so they tell you things that you might not have noticed. On the other hand, you might be sacrificing your sense of self-determination and confidence for someone else’s judgement.

The issue of getting help from others comes up a lot in my life: I play golf, but I refuse to have a teacher. I watch videos and read books and experiment, but I dont think anyone can teach me how to play. I’m also VERY big on the floatation tank because it allows people to meditation and become very aware without anyone else meddling with them.

But anyway, back to the lady that I contacted for feedback on the issues of employment, financial freedom, life mission, spiritual practice, best location to live in, and diet, a lot was covered. Here are the high points:

  • – she did clearly state that Jersey City, NJ was NOT a good area for me.
  • – she said that as far as financial freedom, life mission, spiritual practice that I should not be focused on what to do, but WHY i was doing it and referenced a very compelling Ted Talk by Simon Sinek called “Start with Why” –
  • – I recently came across a person who did a 90-day Juice Feast and decided that I would pursue a live vegan diet as part of a path towards even more restricted diets. Her reading was that cooked vegan was fine, especially to slow down some of the detox I would experience. Also that I needed a parasite cleanse in the next 2 weeks. So I followed her advice about eating cooked food by rushing out and getting all my favorite vegan dishes. But then the next morning I wanted to eat upon waking but I was aware that eating would force me to digest food and make me sleepy for several hours. That was when I began to wonder why I sought someone else’s advice. On the one hand, I manipulated her advice to feed my addiction to tasty cooked food. But as soon as I saw that overeating was throwing me into a stupor, I began to resent the very same advice!
  • – One very unusual thing in the body reading had to do with a company that seemed to be the answer to my dreams. I was ready to throw everything aside until her reading advised against it. I questioned her advice and she said it had something to do with the ethics of the company.
  • – She said that a lot was going on around Bitcoin and that it was being taken over by people who had a different vision from the (fictitious) founder. Some sort of crash might be coming. So on this advice I immediately decided to cash out a good amount of Bitcoin, knowing full well that even if there is turmoil, Bitcoin will probably be at $20,000 by May 2018. But I only know the past, not the future, so I had to play it safe.
  • – around the start of next year is when I would find the income I was looking for.

Also, regarding her body reading, I began to wonder if she/the universe was testing my conviction. Maybe it was saying now just to see how badly I wanted to achieve something, similar to the way a woman tests a man to see just how interested he is… man, all the things I learned about women in 2 years of OneTaste versus 40 years before it. Finally, a yes or no has to be taken in context: I do a Japanese religion which is right around the corner from your house. I was told: no I dont need to be involved. But maybe that “no” was reading the fact that driving to and from there was very dangerous – a multi-lane highway with lots of big trucks and fast cars. And that it would be OK to do the same religion at the headquarters in NJ?

But anyway, I woke up the next morning and thought to myself: being in isolation in the tank is more important to me than anything. If I keep lolligagging around with a strong steady source of income, it will be 1-2 years of barely paying my bills and all the while, I will not have any time in the isolation tank because I won’t have my own place. I need to go ahead and become a cubicle prisoner/slave for my six-figure income, pay down my debt and save for a house purchase or two so that I can provide isolation tank services and maybe form an Orgasmic Mindfulness house in Atlanta.

So I then went and accepted the position in Jersey City. And ever since then I was have alternately wanted to kick myself or kill myself. I hate the cold. I hate urban areas. I hate working for others. I hate being alone with no friends. But we can look at many successful people and see that they suffered HUGE setbacks before finally succeeding. I think the key is to have a why … with the most fundamental why being: why are you here on this earth and what do you what to get done by the time you are dead? And for me that statement is:

in late 2001, I went to Madre Grande Monastery in Dulzura, CA for a month-long meditation retreat.

Later, I went to the AHAM Meditation and Retreat Center in Asheboro, NC for a 10-day meditation retreat.

These retreats and other practices have me convinced that a good amount of what can be obtained spiritually can be obtained all by oneself simply by floating in an isolation tank continuously for 4-8 weeks. Harry Palmer did 8 weeks. I did 6 weeks and attest to the power of this.

So I would say my life mission is foster the spiritual growth of others by making 4-8 weeks of floatation available on a not-for-profit basis. Secondarily, I would say that while isolation is the way to personal freedom, I would say that the way to freedom of society is by forming orgasm stations where people can fill up without attaching to any particular dogma or teachings.

When Life Gives You Lemons,

commit suicide. hahah. no, things are looking up.

In fact, you should be grateful in all situations

My mentor in real estate investing is giving a tour of a house he is flipping 7 days from now –

Wow and I can walk to my spiritual center from the apartment I have found and Whole Foods is 5 minutes away. Work is a 40 minute path ride with 1 transfer.

It seems like I can put this 1 year to good use!!!


Open letter to my Mom

Mom, when you were leaving you stated “I noticed a change. You came out and helped us.”
To be honest, I was on the fence about coming out and helping. My thought process was: these are 2 mature adults who know how to take care of themselves. If I come out and volunteer help, that could be distracting them from their focus. Or it could be seen as insulting their intelligence.
In the end, I did come out.
But please understand: there are many ways to evaluate a situation. And my idea of what is the highest good for all involved may be different from your idea and without explicit communication, problems can arise.
My name is Terrence Brannon and I was shocked by the movie Earthlings.

Real Swing Golf Method Testimonial

In March of 2016, my Dad got me into golf and I became serious about it for the first time in my life. I immediately began to read books and look at instructional videos. Over time, I came across several rapid golf learning systems, one of which of Ron Sisson’s Real Golf Swing method.

I experienced great results with it, but began to doubt that I was getting the full picture of how to play the game. For instance, the instruction was so simple, I began to wonder about weight shift, shaft lean, and the short game and felt that the instruction was lacking in these respects. So I went on a year long journey of researching and buying over and over but finally returned the RSW (real swing golf). Just prior, I was enamoured of Positive Impact Golf. There are a lot of instructors and some good student testimonials. And Brian Sparks’ book is highly recommended. That being said, I would say that the more you listen to EVERYTHING that Ron Sisson has to say about learning and playing golf, you will learn a key difference between the two systems.

Yesterday on April 20, I broke 100 for the first time. I limited my club selection to irons and my putter for accuracy. And all i did for all 18 holes was exactly what Ron Sisson teaches.

Golf Log

Rather than 8 million posts on each little tidbit I learn, I’m going to have one post that I update with each new finding.

Vivien Saunders and Ernest Jones

I noticed a comment on Ron Sisson’s video that his teaching was basically Ernest Jones and found a lady named Vivien Saunders who has some great YouTube videos under the userid “curedmyslice” – key points

  • reverse overlap for putting and chipping. good putters swing up good chippers swing down
  • full swings are nothing but tracking the clubhead NOTHING but that. the body follows the club. dont get caught up in mechanics.
  • the left thumb is what holds the club up at the top of the backswing (oops a bit of body mechanics there)

Hmm, Manuel de la Torre also seems to be from this club-focused school.


Awesome deconstruction of how to allow the club to swing.



Manifesting Reality, Self-Control and not-I

I understand that one of the eventual realizations of Insight Meditation is that there is no I. One of the things I wonder about is my ability to manifest my reality. I certainly can make a choice between things. For instance, if there is a menu of foods, I will certainly only select the vegetarian offerings and I will not select something I don’t like. So is that a case of me being in control and manifesting my reality or is it a case of me being a pleasure-seeking pain-avoid robot with no ability to create my reality?

Feeling jealous?

I’m sitting here in my room and this girl I have been talking with is here with someone else. And it fills me with jealousy. So let’s see:

  1. I thought you could create your reality. Why dont you just walk out there and say “ok polish my knob” and she leaves his company and comes to room and blows you off? It isnt going to happen is it? You arent going to be happy by getting your way are you. Poor baby. You cant have the candy you see in the candy store window.
  2. So now what? Get mad and throw a fit and plant sees for further violations of thought, speech and deed? Book yourself a reservation for a trip to the 3 hell realms below human upon death. Or maybe find another chick to fill her spot.
  3. Chasing sensation and urges is a lot of fun until someone else gets what you want, isn’t it.
  4. So let’s instead note the sensations in our body. And note them and note them. Sorry this is not an overnight fix like alcohol or cannabis. No running away from this by climbing into your float tank until they leave. You have 2-10 years of hard daily work at the simple task of noting to get what you really want – happiness beyond comparison, unshakeable by anything, anyone or any event. Make your choice fast and cheap and flimsy. Or long-term, durable and bullet-proof.

I know people in this “spiritual system” that have 3-somes with women and they still are whining for more. These poor souls dont realize that the 3 poisons are greed, hatred and delusion. And that they are greedy. And me? well my jealousy is a form of hatred. Call yourself spiritual because you can go noodle off and see fairies and so forth, but you will be the same defiled out-of-control deluded crybaby when you get back.

UPDATE: Oh my god, is this funny. I never saw the person who was here and assumed it was the girl I was interested in. It turns out it was some other girl altogether. So how the most important thing is your direct experience not your assumptions? Ok planning for the next thing you need to get done is good to. But unconfirmed jealousy about a fantasized situation is just plain hilarious!

… T

Just in case I ever think about working for Uber again…

There is this comment to reflect on:

I’ll tell what in Philadelphia Uber black drivers make about $5.00 or less an hour. There are way to many cars on the platform. Guys are logged on almost 80 hours. Uber is out of control. Drivers here are losing their cars because they can’t make the payments. It used to be ok . Guys were making money. But in October 14 Uber started defying the law here in philly and add uber x . Lyft followed . With an oversaturated platform the only ones making money are Uber. Oh yeah and maybe the companies buying the subprime loans we drivers took out to get uber started here. There about 12,000 or so uber x drivers in the Philly area. About 500 uber black drivers. There were only 1600 taxis . And Uber keeps adding cars. And to top it off uber raised our commissions to 25%. No way to make a living doing those in the Philly area anymore. But didn’t Pt Barnum say there’s a suckered born every minute. Most uber drivers here are former taxis drivers. So it won’t be long before uber is the same as the taxis everyone hates. Because if drivers can’t make money they can’t keep up with maintenance. It’s just not worth it for all the miles, wear and tear on their vehicle. Ubers business model is deceptive. That’s why they are working on the driverless car because regular people will catch on eventually. They killed what could have been a good thing for drivers.. But it great for riders.


I respectfully decline to answer the question

Given the rather diverse background in spirituality that I have, I sometimes get contacted for feedback on my experience with a particular spiritual system. My response to these queries is:

“All – and by that I mean actually just that, namely all – that you perceive and experience is exactly that, which you out of yourself, through your own causal thinking create, and indeed right…now!”

This quote comes from the text “Spiritologie” by Andreas Buttler. It is the best answer I can give you. Two people could enter a spiritual system and one could leave in tears months later screaming they are a destructive cult while the other person might join, and breeze through it and love it for all the years of their life. Why? Because each person co-created their experience.

The last thing I want is responsibility for altering someone’s spiritual inquiry because something I said that drew them into something that they could’ve avoided or kept them away from something that could’ve benefitted them. I’ve been kicked out of systems that other people are still going strong in and getting wins. So why should I weigh in and break someone’s stride?

That being said, I’ve been around enough systems that the words of John C. Lilly from his book “The Deep Self” do echo in my mind: “I definitely do not belong to any church or group.” Lilly said that the gnostic viewpoint was “using the self to find The Self as opposed to a church or group.”

You can get a lot of momentum, a lot of cameraderie and a lot of support when you align yourself with a group. But if they kick you out then all that connection and momentum is snatched out from under you. Hmm…

The final reason that I wish to reserve any comments on spiritual systems is that people seem to read things into what I say that I did not. For instance, I developed an interest in a person called Nikolay Dolgorukiy and someone jumped to the conclusion that I had started sungazing when I had not. His reasoning was:

  1. You are studying  Nikolay Dolgorukiy
  2. Nikolay Dolgorukiy is into sungazing
  3. You are into sungazing.

Now, my primary interest in Nikolay Dolgorukiy was his liquidarian diet. But this person took the liberty of saying I said things that I did not say based on his own errant reasoning.

Nothing against Sungazing. I did do that when I had an interest in Shri Hira Ratan Manek. But I did not do it at the time the person drew the false conclusion about me.

So that’s all folks, over and out… – T



White (me 12k) to move vs. 6k

So it’s my turn to move in this game. Let’s see what we have:

  • That H17 stone looks like it needs to be picked on.
  • Then again my E3 group is weak. It can leap to the corner or run out, but it really is not in a good shape.
  • He is growing a nice left side and I am growing a nice right side. I think my side is a bit more invadeable than his.
  • I can peep his H3 group at J4 or K4. Maybe I could prepare for that peep stone to run out and grow my right side at the same time with a move like N5?
  • My upper left group is not settled either, but it can run out. Maybe settle it with H15 and threaten to kill the H17 stone?
  • Maybe play S17 and make a play like L17 attack two unsettled groups?
  • C2 would make the peep and and cut at C6 more deadly.

Let’s play C2 to strengthen the weak group and get ready to push if he does not mind my peep.