AirBNB – critique

AirBNB is a way to get rooms for cheap in a new city. It beats hotel room prices and you get to meet some new people.

There are definitely some drawbacks to AirBNB, things you will not experience in a hotel situation.

  1. Hosts not held to professional standards – calendars may be out of date. Hosts can cancel without financial penalty.
  2. The review process is based on free speech, not conflict mediation. AirBNB rightfully considers itself a community, but it is a community with no mechanism for conflict resolution. What this can result in are value clashes that are resolved by opinionated hate speech.
  3. The reviews are made by reviewers whose psychological makeup is not clear. In other words, in most cases you are reading a review by someone you dont know. So what good is knowing what a review says if you dont know anything about the reviewer? That’s why I dislike and do not participate in the reference process when looking for a job as a computer programmer.

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