trip things and tasks

Step 1

Get a pad and pen and write: “On your way out the door” at the top. Then, everything that you cannot pack and load the day before, you put on this list to grab and load on your way out the door. For example, I’m leaving for my sister’s place tomorrow so my “on the way out the door” list looks like this:

  1. laptop (no need for charger as I have a second one in the car)
  2. 2 comforters
  3. toiletries bag
  4. suitcase

Deep Essentials

  • wallet
  • keys
  • cell phone
  • cell phone charger
  • contact lenses and eyeglasses and other health essentials
  • valid forms of identifiction (passport, conference pass, driver license, etc.)

What’s your purpose

visualize yourself at your event, DRESSED FROM HEAD TO TOE (Toe’s particularly important – dont forget the dress shoes) and make sure it is ALL PACKED NOW

  • things for a particular day (e.g., I’m giving a speech on Tuesday, so I need…)

And thanks to my mom…

This is interesting.   Definitely good for young generation.   If you are a homeowner you will also need to stop any subscriptions.   Mail, newspaper etc


  • cell phone (and charger) (and bluetooth?)
  • headphones
  • laptop (and power supply), and keyboard and mouse


  1. underwear (a biggie!)
  2. socks
  3. shoes
  4. pajamas
  5. bathrobe
  6. pants
  7. shorts
  8. shirts
  9. laundry bag

Weather-sensitive things

  • warm hats
  • long underwear

Hygiene Items

  • soap
  • towels???
  • facecloths???
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste

Health Items

  • nutrients
  • moxibustion device
  • contact lenses!

Highly optional

  • sleeping bag
  • food???
  • hobby activities (guitar, neureka, etc)
  • certain books?

Shut down dwellings

  • turn off electricity
  • turn off alarms

Fridge? Bathroom? Bedroom?

  • Grab whatever you may have left in there

Virtual Properties

  • Is there something you normally do in Cyberspace that will suffer while you are taking your trip? Perhaps a daily task??? Here, let’s dont be so vague. How about your Go games at Online-Go and your various online businesses?



  • Double-check this list once you think you are ready to go.
  • Put suitcase in vehicle!
  • Turn on Vacation Autoresponder
  • grab the computer you are reading this on, get the charger for it and the charger for the phone. check your pockets, then jet!

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