Who am I?

I was a HAI workshop and asked a tree: “Who are you?” and it immediately replied: “who are you?” as if to say: ‘youve carved out a you and made a me and you have the nerve to ask me once you have limited me down.’ – anyway, here is some information on me.

  • Good to see you are on APSense – I noticed you are also in AIOP … how are you doing with them? Let’s team up here … maybe Kenya Stallworth can also join us on APSense for a Mastermind Team session … ok? Franto in Toronto – Skype: franto.hruz – http://hruze.site

    • Terrence Brannon

      Hi Franto, I’m not really connected to APSense. what makes you think I am on there. I am cashflow positive in AIOP. Not as much income as I would like, but cashflow positive.

      How do you know Kenya. I’m working with her in AIOP.

      Your link should be http://hruz.site not hruze.site 🙂

      • You are right … my spelling mistake! You know, I checked on APSense and they have an account for Kenya and your name … it was nice to chat with you on Skype. About making AIOP more profitable for you and your team, put a few viral income programs on your site and use them to show potential new team members what all that web space can be used for … so people get a better idea that AIOP is not just a good paying system, but also – PREDOMINANTLY – a LONG term business development platform …. I have my own Business Builder Group you can make money with assisting people put real cash generating business on their web sites …. at AIOP or any other hosting site – http://seeya.at/work